[r375] Ghostly 'projection' with wall-mounted stone lamp

Summary: I noticed an odd white shape flickering in front of a building. It flickered at the same rate as the light effect, and only appeared at night. This occurred near a wall-mounted stone lamp.

UPDATE: I suspect this flickering is related to doors in the vicinity of the stone lamp… It seems to occur when villagers are using the building’s door.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build this building
  2. Add a wall-mounted stone light
  3. Wait for darkness

This was very difficult to screenshot - only one of my 12 or so pics captured it.

In this pic, all you can see are two thin white stripes glowing near the farthest building

Here’s an updated gif showing the flickering shapes:

I suspect that it’s due to the door opening, as you can see it clearly when somebody passes through the door:

There’s also a possibility it’s not related to doors but rather to hearthlings within its light radius:

(The one on the ladder)

Notes: This is a very poor depiction of what you see. I was seeing a cluster of voxels, wall blocks and ladders/scaffolding floating near the lamp.

There may be an association with the building being bugged - I’ll post more on that soon and link.

Version: r375

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is there perhaps a light source inside the building?

if so it could just be light “spilling” out from the open doorway


I gave up on the building and put some beds indoors, but the only light source is the stone lamp above the door (and the floor lantern a few blocks in front and to the side)

I’ve got a hunch that it’s that door’s fault, though…