[R-375] Lighting bug creates "Ghost Rave"

So, zooming out at night causes this

While this “Ghost Rave”–as I’m now calling it–is nevertheless awesome, I think it has to do something with the lighting code. This happened with a saved game that was already paused when it was loaded; unpausing seems to exorcise the ghosts.

The only sources of light I am using at the moment are the Fire Pit and Wall-Mounted Wooden Lanterns, so I assume the glitch might be originating from one of these.


for some reason i really like the thought of a “ghost rave”, so once this bug gets fixed, someone should make it into a mod :joy:

edit: so i tested this and can confirm, though it only lasted 5-10 secs for me :disappointed:

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I know I’ve seen this same effect referred to with a Matrix reference. However, all I could find was this.


Possibly related to:

I WISH my bug looked that cool, though :smile:


Looks like your village is trying to join in on the Sydney Vivid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your settlers must have settled somewhere in Australia! :open_mouth:


the same kinda thing, with the ghostlyness, can happen with ladders when you go to place them,

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