Lighting Bug - On Single Items

This has probably been reported already but in case it here are a couple of screenshots of when randomly one item of something will be lighter in colour as if in sun while nothing else around it is illuminated in the same way.

as you can see in the second image i have the ground near it selected so it isnt even selecting it that makes it go the lighter colour.

sorry if in teh wrong place mods do with this post as u see fit n if u wanna just move the pics to another thread be my guest :smile:

edit: on alpha 4

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This is caused by there being multiple items in the same space.

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Yup—see this summary.

I swear this has been reported before, many months ago, I can’t find it for the life of me, never mind! I’ll merge and close.

Well, yeah. This topic was originally meant as kind of a summary, because it has indeed been reported here and there, often times as sort of an aside to other problems, and in various forms as well (see the list in the original post here and the links from there). After coming to realize many of these things seemed to be instances of the same (or very similar, anyway) issue(s), I thought I’d make this topic and link to the various reports that were out there. In that sense, I think it’s okay not to merge reports with this one so much as with others that are devoted entirely to this issue. However, just do as you guys see fit—I just thought I’d let you know my intent with this here.

How dare you

That’s fine :smiley: I couldn’t remember if we had a thread for this or if it was just something mentioned in passing.

I feel like I have ruined a good thing. I’ll unmerge for now, please accept my most humblest apologies, because I won’t apologise ever again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. Perhaps my topic should have been filed under something other than “bug reports” anyway. Anyway, apologies unnecessary but accepted :slight_smile:

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