Lighting Bug/Glitch

I am playing on the most recent stable build of alpha 7 and there is this really weird glitch occurring at night. The light from the stone tower lights are causing flashes and distorted ghost images of different objects that have previously been placed in the areas around them, but are no longer there. there are also stretched, horizontal lines flashing in and out.

Has anyone else encountered this? I have yet to get a screenshot because it is so fast so I think I will try and download some video capturing software… does anyone have any recommendations?

Welcome to the forum, @drgnkpr313 :smile: !

Try to pause the game when the flash happens to make the screenshot, although it’s difficult to get the right timing for that. If you can’t do it, the video recording will help.


hey there @drgnkpr313 … first I’ve heard of this particular bug, although we’ve had a handful of lighting related issues before…

as for recording software, if you want something simple/free, CamStudio is quite popular… :+1:


Jing is another good video/screen capture tool. I like it because there’s a little yellow circle on the edge of my screen, and I can click it and it instantly opens up the capture tool. Good for really quick screenshots, especially if pausing misses something. One downside is that it can’t capture more than 5 minutes of video.

This is really my first post here so I cannot yet post pictures apparently. I did however happen to capture a few screenshots while playing that I posted to my deviantART account (Linked below). It may be because I was seeing how far I could push a dwarven-style mountain complex, building houses and tunnels straight into the earth.

The glitch appears to happen mostly in tunneled areas and gets worse the farther back you dig AND with how many light sources you have within the mountain tunnels and it is only occurring at night so far. The screenshot of my large stockpile is the farthest back and has the largest glitch area thus far.

You can also see the ghosting I was talking about in a few of them. like the lighting detection for objects that were there at one time are still registering. This is all I have so far!

Oh, and the flashing and randomized pattern thereof keeps happening even when the game is paused, so those are the only screenshots I have been able to get at all. My antivirus is registering all screen-capture software I’m finding as Trojans… Super locked down firewall and antivirus programs are fantastic until you need a freeware program… LOL.

no worries… that will come in time… :+1:

I grabbed your images and embedded them below:

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OK, I was finally able to get the Snagit screen recorder to work so I was able to record the glitch.

And if it helps here is the list of mt computers specs:

  • Operating system: Windows 7.1 Ultimate, 64-bit
  • 12 core Intel Xeon W3690, each core running at 3.47 GHz
  • 12 GB of usable RAM
  • Two AMD Radeon HD 7800 graphics cards (Both updated to version 14.501.1003.0)
  • 5888 MB Available Graphics Memory
  • 2048 Dedicated Graphics Memory
  • 1 TB Western Digital Blue WD10EALX Hard Drive (931 MB useable, 387 free) running at 7200 RPM

I don’t think its a problem from my drivers or anything, but i have sees some posts where Intel processors of any type have caused problems?

(Also I apologize for showing off a little… I don’t have the best gaming computer but its pretty solid and I rarely get to show off its specs.)


excellent, thanks! :+1:

so first off… love the light show! set that to some industrial strength techno music, and you’ve got some serious club potential… :smile:

just wanted to confirm a few of the points you made in the clip:

  1. the lighting glitch only started once you placed your first interior lights?

  2. the further into the ground you go, the more extreme the glitch

  3. you only see lighting glitches at night

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Yup! All three of those are correct. I also think it is interesting that the glitch continues to happen even when the game is paused.

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excellent… thanks for the confirmation…

that… … is rather peculiar! :smile:

paging @not_owen_wilson!


I have the same lighting glitch in alpha 10 release-293 (x64)

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