In-game lighting issue + other bugs

i just installed alpha 8, and i immediately noticed something was amiss, the games normal lighting was messed up and had a sort of, textile like pattern overlay on the screen. the game also seems to be darker than usual. I cannot upload a picture because im a new user, so is there any way i can send it to someone, its really annoying. Thanks

hey there @SpartanXxX97… welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to post a link to imgur and I’ll get it embedded for you… thanks!

@SteveAdamo I believe you are forgetting a specific cough welcome cough

that should work, if not i can use another medium

I am getting a notification that someone, relyss, replied, but i cannot see what is written, is this true or a front?

i dont see the reply, perhaps @Relyss is now a ghost :wink:

Maybe it’s Patrick Swayze…

but really, is there a fix for this bug?
also, the game will occasionally crash without reason.

When does it crash. if it crashes around 15 settlers, thats a known bug.

no, it just crashes after a while of playing

i am using NVIDIA GeFirce GTX 670M and intel® HD Graphics 4000

and i am also suffering major frame rate drops

i also found that after a bit, the game will not let you save, it lets you click to save, but it doesn’t do anything

i had the same problem, however i found that if i waited awhile it eventually saved the game… however that means you have to wait a few minutes :unamused:

can you force the game to save with a key?

and it crashed…

Very strange (that looks like the ambient occlusion is inverted!) Usual stuff first: have you upgraded your graphics drivers to latest? (Download Drivers | NVIDIA). Also, can you post your gfx.log from your Stonehearth installation directory (usually C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Local\stonehearth) ? Thanks!

when i go to that folder it is not there, but i found it somewhere else, hope it works.
gfx.log (84.3 KB)

i updated my drivers 2 days ago right before all this started happening and the crashes are less frequent, i did it again just now to be sure

I was just given an update, i have not crashed yet, but then again it may happen out of the blue, the lighting bug is still there and the lag. the game also freezes for a second when you click to save. sorry for this all, i just found this and thought to post it