Qubicle Creations

Cool work, thanks! I’ll use it for sure.

Yes I play on rendering it again with several jumps to get rid of the pause when I have time. Thanks for the kind comments. Also to anyone else thinking about learning to animate: don’t start with a frakking squirrel. The tail is a nightmare.

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@sdee Was he wearing the satin, or the cotton dress?


AAAAH the squats we had to do for the wig THE SQUATS AAAAAHHHH

@BanditDragoon Ah man, 9 year old me didn’t understand why there was a torture/ interrogation room in the basement. I mean, that’s what that was right?

@Geoffers747 ahh i can’t remember i only remember certain bits of the game maybe ill have to dig out my PS3 and play it again

Ha, in Don Corneo’s basement, I think it’s what’s known colloquially as a ‘sex dungeon’.

@Geoffers747 oh god now i remember OAO that freakin fat leacher and that sewer monster ALL THAT and for nuthin >W< DO YOU EVEN KNOW DON Corneo DO YOU?! i had to do squats for this damn wig.

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The silk one, obviously!

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Great job and I for one will be using it. I have a lot to learn.

Glad its brought back memories for you :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully using the magmasmith to make barrett possibly, and still working on a sephiroth one too :slight_smile:

Here is a staff that the scholar hawks will carry. It spins when being used when to shoot lighting out of. and when they are flying they hold it with their talons and acts ‘dormant’ as they do. Runes are inspired by the Lava Smith’s glove as to fit the world more.

Off to work!


Nice to see that you are moving forward with your bird race idea, is a great stepping stone to more complex things.

Here is my first attempt at making a character, I call him the “Wanderer”. He is the old man who you may see sit in the local taverns, drinking his past away and always willing to tell one of his extraordinary stories.
*Edit: Added a pipe.


That’s awesome, keep it up.

Alright, this guy was really fun to make. His hands aren’t the best and I think I’ll go back and make his face fuller, but, for now, here is a terrifying troll! TROLL! TROOOOOLL! Run!


Ugh, he has extra blocks on his back making it very square. Those are already gone in the updated version.



…thought you ought to know…


so yeah, SEPIROTZUU!!!

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Made this with your template. He is a Necromancer, I call Deathmancer. image


Try going for a darker/duller color palette, as its current colors are a little too bright to fit with the stuff that Tom is making. Secondly, I would recommend not going for straight black on his vest, as it is harder to see where voxels start/end. Lastly, try to not just change colors (it seems like a color-changed carpenter) but change outfits entirely; perhaps a robe or longer sleeves to make the character seem more menacing. That’s just my two cents though, so take it if you like.

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