Qubicle Creations

Alright took me a little while but i have finally made a beginner Lean to shelter for when you start off.

note: fake ground for aesthetic purposes.


Thanks to me not looking into Qubicle deeper than a first glance I didn’t see that it can’t export to .OBJ with the free version till now. I was looking forward to doing some animation this morning but I fiddle around instead.


Hi there, can you send the head to me in a .qmo file? From the pics provided, I can’t seem to get the dimensions right :confused:

EDIT: NVM, think i got it. So yeah, Cloud happened… :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:



Haha, that thing is too funny :slight_smile:

Latest version of my squirrel. Not sure about the new tail, I like the end but the middle…need to sleep on it. I went for smaller ears as the old ones didn’t look right from the front. May also go back to swinging the arms around more so they hand under the shoulders when bipedal. Thoughts about the tail?


@Senkrads awesome bird u got there, keep up the great work!

@Decho now that’s a squirrel! love it, will u animate this chap or just pose? it’s hard to see the seperated voxel chunks of the tail in this color but i really like it how you modeled it. maybe the end of the tail could even be a few voxels bushier… :]

I’m going to work on animating it later :slight_smile: Only reason I stopped where I did was because I realised it was 1am! Thanks for the comments, may try breaking the colour of the tail up a bit, could help. I did try the tail a bit bushier, but as it is it’s already a little bigger than the head, though admittedly you can’t really see that from this angle.

Hey guys, this is Tim from minddesk. I just wanted to say: you guys are amazing! Seeing your works and reading the nice comments about my software is making my day!. Thanks for that!

@tim yea Cubicle is awesome i can freely make anything i so choose and i definitely plan on buying the master version later on and hopefully finding some affordable animation software later on.

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Yeah Tim, thanks for the software is EPIC! ^^, Defo gunna get the gaming edition when I can. :smiley:

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Time to Gear up for battle my Brethren for i am constructing an all mighty mech ( ohkay maybe not for the game altho a steam one maybe?) and so Behold the work in progress :smiley:


Alright, I’ll share what I’ve been working on. Had an idea for maybe a Halfing-esque character, I like to call the Scale Knights.


And here. Now they spin!


More works later. Perhaps.

I like them - I think the head is slightly too wide? Bring it in a little bit and see,

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Blender is free, Maya and 3DSMax are both really expensive. Nice work.

@ernierock i did used to have autodesk Maya o3o maybe even 3Ds not sure id have to go check my account

Ok squirrel update:

And a video of the current version of the run animation I’ve been working on:
Youtube video ‘Squirrel Run Animation Test 1’

This is the first thing I’ve made using Qubicle and the first thing I’ve ever tried to animate, so considering that I’m not unhappy with how it’s turning out so far. The animation plays a little faster in reality, and there’s less of a gap between loops, only reason for those in the video is the video editing software I used.

I’ll probably be re-posting this in a new thread at some point, along with, and once I’ve finished some of the other things I’m working on (not for a few weeks probably), so as not to clutter this one with too many versions of the same thing.


I love it! For a first its really good. Fix the gaps in the animation and I could see it running around in StoneHearth

The giant hands from FF7 fIt RIGHT into this aesthetic! He looks just like he stepped out of the Wall Market.

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Thanks! Gunna try and make some more. Gonna try and make the whole set. :slight_smile: but yeah, looked and it and thought, hmm, this could work. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, just backed this @Pepe, keep up the awesome work. Game of the decade!! :smiley:


that animation is awesome only thing wrong with it i can see is the slight pause between leaps owo otherwise completely perfect <3

also the rendering is just so much love <3