Qubicle Creations

Sorry if I’m submitting too much, but here’s some scholar models I pieced together.

The original scholar with grey hair:

The second version featured brown hair. I also tried to make a female variant, but she turned out looking like a child than a lady. Any advice on how to make the model more feminine would be nice.


sorry, i knew you had replicated the original (which is obviously no small task!)… i was really commenting on the model itself though… the rib cage is so subtle, but effective… and i just love that he’s still sporting some pants with a belt buckle… :wink:

no such thing… and the models look great… scholarly even! :wink:

Here’s something original for you :blush:

Hopefully, they will need no introduction… or opening monologue.


i… i’m really struggling to formulate the correct response here… something worthy of just how awesome this collection is, and how impressive your skills have become… and with that, i offer this:

I think you mean …

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precisely! and if Hannibal has a working cigar, well… he is a shoe in for mayor of SteveVille…

I would like to create a Quibicle creation, but I can’t afford Quibicle. :angry:

I spent all of my money on the kickstarter. :3

@EpicDwarf All this creations you can design with the “Basic” version of Qubicle which is for free ;-).

exactly! if you want to export your work at some point though, you will have to upgrade to the home version (unless radiant and minddesk work out some sort of arrangement)…

My 2nd try :wink:
Cant upload yet because im a new user ;S pls give me some critic :smile:
I know it looks kinda creepy but well :smiley:

They no longer allow people to upload directly to the site. We all have to use image hosting sites. You could also post your image by directing your link to your image. (insert image -> from the web -> write or paste your link into the box)

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Uploading is fine! You can upload to your hearts content :smile:

It was taken off prior to the downtime, but since the Discourse has been back uploading is fine.

I know that I have now said the same thing multiple times in one post, but I’m on a bit of a role here, so, er, uploading is fine!

Decided to try and finish the Magma Smith -

I reverse engineered him from the live stream.
I purposely decided on the ‘popeye’ look for his left arm as it seemed to suit the model. Added some tools and additional details. Narrowed his stance slightly to avoid collision with the runed gauntlet.

Reverse engineering is a great way to learn how to use Qubicle and so I have hosted the file here:


Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated :smile:


sorry, at a loss there mate… as usual, your voxels are gorgeous… :+1:

my one “complaint”, he’s not rotating… :wink:

That looks realy cool. How do you do Pictures like that ?

Thanks for correcting me, I was unaware of that.

No worries, just thought I’d better make it clear that uploading is fine now :slight_smile:

apologies… i stand corrected… thanks!

yes sir… @Froggy is a master of voxel replication (they have night school for that, in case you are interested)…

@Froggy I’m stealing your tie around the back of the apron and pouches on the back of the belt and putting them on the real Magma Smith. Thanks for that.