Qubicle Creations

and so shall he be named… is he sporting Wolverine-esque blades? good grief @Froggy … you continue to raise the bar my friend… well done!

nice work! that is really impressive for your first effort… :+1:

i think my only real constructive criticism is in line with what @Geoffers747 suggested, as you definitely have the basic style down… well done!

Thanks for the comments @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo, I appreciate the feedback, and looking at it now it does look really flat.

I tried to add some shading to another model I worked on; since I was linked to the Stonehearth Kickstarted by GenerikB’s promotional video, I thought it would be appropriate to model the hermit into voxel form.


If I had this guy, I would make him live in the hills. He would be like an old wise man. That tells stories about battles and treasures. Maybe once you reach a certain level he can be used by you to teach others how to fight or mine better in the mountains.

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much improved @Jackknave … well done! loving the tattered vest, and shoddy pants… :wink:

Haha, thanks. It took me a lot of time trying to figure out how to make him look tattered and dirty. =P

Mr Cuddles was an easy edit.

Who would win in a fight?


physical, or emotional… because Skeletor survived an acid herbal face wash, and we all know Teela is a sucker for emotionally scarred men… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, by the way… ridiculously cool models… welcome to the Master’s Circle (trademark pending)…

@Jackknave I really like the hermit! I could actually see this as a villager in the game.

@Froggy What’s that character on the right supposed to be? He’s awesome, whoever he is.

I still don’t understand how to post quibicle creations :frowning: Can anybody help me please?

Hey @TheArchitect, so you will have created your Qubicle model, then all you need to do is click the ‘render’ button, along the top of the program.

You can either ‘render as’ and save it as a .png, which you can then upload here, or to another image hosting site and link in.

Or ‘Render Turntable as’ which can make it into a .gif that spins.


Thank you verry much :slight_smile:

So now that i know how to post my creations. Here is one of my first guys i made. Its supposed to be a roman soldier.



This week’s challenge over at the Qubicle creations Weekly is is Adventure Time (Female Edition)
You can pick any female or female version of a character from Adventure Time.
This is Fionna. This is my entry, please join us. Thanks!



My first crack at a zombie

Reminds me of this guy… only more dead.

It’s probably the eyesbrow ^^


Really like that kind of dead zombie thing :smile:

Nice zombie, try making him more gray. He will look like he is rotting.

This was my first attempt at making a Goblin. I know he doesn’t realy fit into Stonehearth, but i thought he didn’t look that bad.

Ok i think i fixed the link.

What do you guys think?


Im in love hahahah :blush:

that would be He-Man! :smiley:

really, really nice work on the soldier! you clearly have a knack for qubicle as well…

i quite literally lol’d… wicked looking zombie (love the rib-cage effect)… is he sporting the remnants of a belt buckle?

unfortunately, it looks like your link is b0rked… i tried to correct it but alas, i failed… :frowning:

I honestly wish I could take the credit for it. However, like most things that I do - I take the concept art and replicate it in Qubicle.

Original is all Tony… or Tom… Or maybe Steph…