Problem When Retrieving Pre-Order

I recently had to close my Amazon account due to someone hacking in. They were even able to get into my account after I had set up a new password, so I went ahead and and just closed it.
I also closed my Yahoo account (the account I used to make my pre-order for alpha) due to receiving a boat-load of spam emails from users and companies I’ve never heard of. Needless to say, I was afraid that the hacking into my Amazon account and the spam in my Yahoo account were connected. Who knows? Maybe I’m just very paranoid, but because of this, I’m unable to retrieve my pre-order from Humble Bundle when the alpha comes out.

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I’m just saying… but I believe Yahoo isn’t the way to go for email service… My friend gets loads of spam emails 24/7 too.

As for your concern… I’ll let @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 answer this one.

Mage, I imagine you’ll want to contact Radient directly. Their email is:

They’ll be able to hook up a new email account to your kickstarter/humble bundle page.

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Alright. I’ll check that out. Thanks for the info, man.

Well this is a bit of a pickle isn’t it …

Did you pledge during the Kickstarter? If so can you still access your Kickstarter profile? Within their you will be able to change email, and will give you a bit more leverage …

If you didn’t and you have no proof of purchase and no access to your old accounts … then yer you’ll need to contact Team Radiant as @Spu has said here: and let them know the situation.

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Yeah, I did pledge during the kickstarter. I’ll see if I can remember my login info. Thanks, Geoffers.

Awesome stuff - do this! I’m sure you can imagine that with no proof of purchase and no access to email addresses it can be quite a difficult situation to resolve, so being able to access your Kickstarter account will help a lot.

You will still probably have to contact Radiant, but at least you will have access to your Kickstarter account and it can all go from there!

Keep us updated.

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Just got a message back from Stephanie and they are currently updating Humble Bundle and their servers. Once again, thanks Geoffers.

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No worries, good to know you were able to sort it out :slight_smile:

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Yeah @Geoffers747, thanks @Geoffers747! No thanks for Spu. :crying_cat_face:

Anyway, good to know everything worked out! :thumbsup:


Gosh, so needy, :stuck_out_tongue:

We all appreciate your help though @Spu thanks!!

Thank you, Spu. :smile:

You helped too.

you’ve been waiting all day to use that, havent you?

do let us know if you are successful in your efforts… you can also try reaching out to if need be…


My efforts were successful. I just received the key for the alpha.


excellent! and was this in an effort with radiant or humble bundle support?

Both; if you’re a Kickstarter-era backer, and lose your original contact info, Humble Bundle has no way of verifying who you are. Radiant, at least, has some records from either Paypal or Kickstarter.

Yes, definitely. If Kickstarter shows that your new address is linked to the account that backed Stonehearth, that’s good proof. :slight_smile:


excellent… quick! to the FAQ! :dash:

@SteveAdamo is busy today, huh?

Yay! Another forum success story. :smiley:

its nice to see a good resolution to a difficult problem.