Post your Alpha 10 Screenshots!

Here’s my first play of A10, and a bit of a tutorial if you’d like :wink:

##How to make a pool:

  1. Dig out Pool shape near body of water

  2. Dig a tunnel connecting your pool to the body of water

  3. Like magic, Stonehearth’s water system will fill the pool, starting at the bottom! :smiley:

  4. Don’t forget your pool tiles:

  5. Enjoy the party, everyone :bikini: :beers: :confetti_ball: :swimmer: :octopus:

A weird sighting in A10:

A single turnip and corn cob… Efficient use of stockpile space


love the swimming pool… now kids, mind the scaffolding! :smile: :+1:


I’m quite excited to see what build legends @Atralane and @micheal_handy76_mh have in store for us this Alpha…

Just an innocent comment, I’m in no way trying to spark an epic building competition :wink:


i had that happen in alpha 8 with a plate of berries, it was due to the fact i sounded red alert while they were eating. the berries never got removed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Duh, those are servings! Well at least they’re in the stockpile and not forgotten in the floor :disappointed_relieved:


Give me a little bit of time–end of semester, and I’ve got some work to complete and papers to grade for the undergraduates. I might look into the new version in another week or two, depending on time.

(Busy, busy, busy.)


Oh, I’m all too familiar with finals. Good luck!! Don’t be too hard on them… unless it’s a lot of fun

heh heh heh


Yeah sorry peeps been busy on the work front. Been building 2 houses, (custom built) In real life lol. So getting that done. But don’t y’all worry I’ll be back lol :smile:


How much does that Wizard’s Tower in real life cost? :yum:


Well Idk about real life cost on Wizard tower. But both my houses I’m building has a total cost of $550,000.00 to build, that materials, crew, and inspections and marketing. 1 is selling for $350,000.00 and the other did sell already for $425,000.00 which almost covered my cost and banks cost. So after all said and done. With back-end paybacked. I’ll make about in total $250,000.00 for my end. (That’s a rough estimate). But the things I do to make a living for me (A Single Dad) and my kids. :stuck_out_tongue: . Family first you know.


Some fooling around with dams:

Test 1: Will a basic dam hold back water?


Test 2: Will doors hold back water?



This is good…very good. Can you also do a quick test with slabs to create funnels? I think I have a new project idea in the works.

(The waterworks.)


Sure thing!

#The results are in!

  1. I’m actually quite impressed with the slab tool editor… TR have implemented the 3D-printer approach, so some scaffolding was put up…

    … and this was built in no-time

  2. Even more impressive is the fact that the pools actually drain!!!

Some errors popped up when I connected the pond to my trench, but it ran smoothly after that.

Funnel works. Water requires one world voxel to flow, so only edges are required for piping (i.e. you only need a hollow cross). Aside from that, make sure your lower pool is deep enough to hold the upper pool’s volume. The water stream froze once the lower pool filled up on me. It’d be interesting to see what happens when everything drains out



Be back shortly–just a little more undergraduate grading for the next few days. Then I’ll get a chance to mess around with this in earnest.

Also, I can’t help but notice the RED DOOM ERROR WALL coming up with the water flowing. Does the game work decently after the water drains, @phector2004? Or does it sort of crash and burn at this current state?


So I just tested out a waterfall with a pit deep enough to hold an entire pond:

It’s interesting to see how the flow is illustrated. I think each voxel waterfall can contain x units of water at any time, and when saturated other waterfalls appear next to it. Ultimately, the flow drops down to nothing and there’s a thin layer of water remaining both in the upper pool and in the trench.

These waterfalls eventually disappeared altogether, and the level stopped rising

That game has been the only time I’ve gotten the red errors. It seemed to work ok after I ignored them. Otherwise it’s worked 100% fine every other time I’ve played with water.

If it helps, ladders make for a great water gauge - you can easily see where the water is between the rungs and how fast it’s moving


#Mini Tutorial: Building a basement!

So this was a bit of a hassle… It’s taken me a few tries to get it right, and the build editor is still a bit finicky, though it’s gotten robust enough that I was able to undo many actions, remove building plans, and even remove a built building (though the scaffolding remained until I rebuilt it as intended!)

Some considerations before starting:

  1. The basement will require an “outside” bit. I dig an extra bit adjacent to where my basement will be:
    N.B. The builders will NOT begin working on the building until this is done
  2. Regarding the above consideration, you might want to place this building near water so that you can turn that pit into a moat or a dock with door access. Be creative :smile:
  3. Ideally, dig two levels deep - this is more for aesthetics. Unless you want a cramped cellar.

Step 1:
Dig hole. Make adjacent access shaft, as described above. Build ladder in shaft (Ladders can be placed in the main pit but will often be built over and look a bit messy.)

Step 2:
Place floor using slab tool. Create walls using slab tool! Create ground floor with slab tool.
For this step, make sure your building is flush with the grass. Build stairs, cut an opening for the stairs, etc. But stay at grass level!

Step 3:
Build the above building!

Step 4:
Place a new floor over the ground floor with slab tool. Delete any floor blocks above your basement walls (i.e. the outer edges of this new floor).

Step 5:
Place walls with wall tool.

Step 6:
Now delete the new floor, and continue building as you please!
This floor/delete/wall/delete sequence builds the walls properly on the ground floor so that doors are not placed a block too high or too low

End result:

Pressing ‘V’ cycles through the cutaway views… Because the basement is made of slabs rather than walls, it becomes visible when you hide walls altogether

Enjoy! Sorry about the lack of pics, the ones I thought were relevant were all from failed attempts! No point in adding them…