[Dev Blog] Alpha 10 Home Stretch, release-271 Pushed, with Lots of Bug Fixes

yay! bug fixes!


Can’t. Come. Quickly. Enough.



Personally I feel the water should be polished more. Water sources, rivers, ect I think should be added before Alpha 10 is “finalized”. Otherwise Alpha 10 and 11 are basically going to be the same things.

I’ve been too busy to play the unstable releases this time around, but I am really excited for Alpha 10 and I think it’ll finally allow me to perfect my glorious settlement, the plan for which I’ve been working on since the very first Alpha that allowed custom buildings.

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A few other bug fixes posted by Albert in the comments:

Albert • 6 hours ago
A few more:
o Items are now placeable in building templates.
o Workers no longer swim on land.
o Underwater construction is now possible.
o Farms no longer fall through the floor when you have mult-level buildings or tunnels.


@Albert’s really been knocking out a lot of long-standing bugs this time around! Good for him!


Completing the water simulation (specifically rivers, sources, and sinks) is high on my list as well. Alpha 10 though is pretty much baked and new features will be going into the next release.


In terms of sources, would rainfall be possible? Are you allowed to spoil at all, or should we try pestering Tom tonight? :laughing:


*Fashionably late for the party*

Yay! I was waiting expectantly for the new build :smile:
Hopefully I can test it before the week-end, so many fixes to check :smiley:

And the new title screen looks so cute :blush:


your not alone there, thats generally me :blush:

[quote=“Relyss, post:9, topic:12253”]
And the new title screen looks so cute
[/quote]i know! if anyone doesnt think its cute im going to be questioning if they’re human…

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