[Dev Blog] Alpha r22 Patch Notes


So it seems we have a new update and with it a welcome amount of changes!

And with that update I’ll amend this post :slight_smile:



Great update, been playing it for a few minutes so much smoother with the new controls :slight_smile: chuckled at the journal entry.


Oh hella sweet! Looks gorgeous, particularly the mind/body/spirit hexagon but I love some of the less noticeable things such as the borders. Much love. Update dammit Steam.

Edit: A settings menu, new I believe? Is this r22? If it is I believe I’m up to date :slight_smile:


As I discussed with @Geoffers747, I think a Paper Mill will be added to the game. Why? Because one of my settlers said this:

“This might almost be worth the effort if only the lumber were destined for a paper mill.”


…but in addition we have a similar problem with the fullscreen. [BUG] "Fullscreen only in HD"


When I use WASD the camera is jerky like crazy but when I use Space + mouse its fine.

I found a comfy bed that needs cloth to be made!


Patch notes. Yeah, fullscreen is buggy for now. I suggest maximizing your window instead =)



Thanks for the mention Geoffers :smiley:
Will try it out now!


I’ll know to wait next time!

Always have been a bit premature.


Game feels a lot more rounded and stable already! Houses are actually being built sans roof.

Sorry @Poly removed the mention with the changes, but at least you know now!


I couldn’t stop laughing when I changed the video sliders. “A whole lot!” Hahaha, great! :smiley:


I tried the house build; however it stopped building when it got to the roof.


wills his buss to break the sound barrier

almost home… sounds like another wonderful update! :+1:


Yer you can’t build the roof at the moment!

At least the settler’s get a good amount of sunlight this way.


Since it never rains, it’s just as good as a glass roof! Oooh, glass, so advanced…

Props to @Tom, @not_owen_wilson, and @Albert

Soon… soooooooooonnnn


dear Raya, that character sheet makes me feel more giddy than @Geoffers747 at tea time!


Cool update, if I could play it :stuck_out_tongue:. Update on Humble Bundle quickly, please :smiley:!



[size=8]Steam is your friend.[/size]

[size=8]Install Steam.[/size]

[size=8]You won’t regret it.[/size]


I…no! No! Your seductive powers do not work…

Resolve Crumbles



ok, let me just say that this client is an order of magnitude faster than the previous… i suppose a portion of that can be attributed to the new settings menu (i disabled vsync and brought down my view distance from 1000 to 800), but now the camera moves around like it was @Geoffers747 covered in butter!

absolutely loving the new controls… kudos again to Team Radiant for making each client more and more stable (which i know is the general idea, but one often overlooked by some developers)… :smile:

next up! to test @RepeatPan’s and @Avairian’s mods… :+1:


In my email notification i was able to
read version #1 of your post. Don’t worry :smile: