Stonehearth Changelogs

update: it seems that @twip (and perhaps a few others) have already been diligently compiling an impressive list of changes over on Curse… head here folks, for all your changelog cravings! :smile:

for those of you who, like me, feel an overwhelming urge to know what happens from one release to the next, we present the Stonehearth Changelogs! :musical_note:

we’ll try to keep this chronological list updated with what is provided via the accompanying blog posts, and perhaps sprinkle in some additional information that can be gleaned from other avenues… :smile:

enjoy! :+1:

Alpha r22

Thursday, 09 January 2014

  • Keyboard controls for the camera, WASD to move and QE to rotate
  • Graphics settings dialog available from the title screen
  • Default graphics options are set to something that will work on low-end cards. If you have a beefy card, - play around with them to improve the look of your game.
  • The UI will now work correctly on screens smaller than 1080p
  • Settlers now desire just 1 meal per day (down from 3)
  • New character sheet, so you can learn a little bit about your settlers

Alpha r14

Thursday, 02 January 2014

  • Greatly optimized path finding, especially when building many structures.
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the game to crash when building walls.
  • Increased the length of a day by 50%
  • Added a task manager in the bottom-right corner to track CPU usage.
  • Removed the debug keys be default. Set “enable_debug_keys” to true in your user_settings.json file to turn them back on.

What about r23? XD

Got it last night! ^^;

I believe @twip said he and a friend had set up a programme that would identify changes made to the code, so he may be able to shed some light on r9, r10, r11 and r23 (the other 4 releases we’ve had so far I believe, although think it’s either 9+10 or 10+11 and not all three).

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We do have all the releases documented on Patches wiki page. If you click on the release number in the patch notes column you can see the specific file changes. Happy Patch Notes Reading :blush:


Thank you! But alas… still defeated, no r23 notes. :stuck_out_tongue:

well, this is awkward… :smile:

heads off to read the notes

edit: yup, thats what i had in mind! love all the work on the patch details page (differentials, etc.)… no sense in reinventing the wheel, so we’ll just close this up…

i will post a link to the fantastic work that @twip is compiling on Curse, in the OP… well done! :+1:

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Unfortunately there was nothing for us to find, just changes deep down in the code that were beyond our reach :disappointed:

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