Basement/cellar tool

Here’s an idea for the building editor:

A cellar/basement tool (underneath the floor tool on the build GUI)

This would function similarly to the roof tool, in that you can click on the ground floor, set a depth, and pick materials for the (optional?) walls and floor.

Currently, it’s quite difficult to build things into the ground and needs a bit of trickery to be done. More issues arise when you begin designing a building on top of this basement. A tool for this purpose would solve any additional issues involving scaffolding and automated ladder placement to not get workers stuck in the excavated pit.

Here’s what I’ve found is currently required to make a decent basement (as of Dev 2395):

Let me know what you think


love the idea! i definitely think it should be in the game, i mean how else would we have root cellars under our little farmers cottage? :smile:

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As good as any idea suggested yet :slight_smile: It would round out the building even more.


This is a great idea! I shall kidnap all lazy hearthlings into a basement to let them die for being lazy >:)

That’s just cruel :cry: Poor hearthlings, Its not there fault they have the idle sickness! It’s 2015 at there’s not yet a medicine for poor hearthlings who capture the disease!

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I can’t control the infected ones
but I can control the lazy ones >:)

EDIT: (I sound like a poet XD)

no no, even worse, dont let them die, but force them all to eat berries and only berries :wink:

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I just realised how evil I sound when you quoted that
And for the berry idea, I shall make a berry bush maze with no exit >:)

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