New depths to building please?

ok so, i just tried out the height slider on my building - to see if they would mine the foundation out

and to my enjoyment they did…

however to my horror…

we cannot set the foundation any deeper!

My question (in all seriousnees) is why? Obviously the code allowes for it (otherwise they would not automatically mine out in the pic above) - whats wrong with them building scaffold ( as they would to get to the roof) or allowing us to attach ladders while it is still a blueprint?



Just wait. The builder simply has many disadvantages. they are still working on it.

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:slight_smile: i know… as i say… just a question/suggestion etc… not a do it ow kind of thing… (maybe i should move to suggestions)

yeah i was experimenting with this myself. the game does…strange things if you pre-mine a slot for a building yourself and try to put something in, depending on the shape of the hole… sometimes they build, sometimes they dont, sometimes it depends on which way the building is facing even though its symmetrical…

edit: i just though of a way to do it…maybe. depending on if i can make a sort of crane-structure that lowers a ladder in… TO THE EXPERIMENT MOBILE


i love this!.. but to clear up confusion - i dont mind mining hte depth i want the building at (just all that work!) - because, every time i try to dwarf which is the reason why i dont, is because all the de-buffs they get from living in caves… so… i was trying to lower the foundation/building more than that one voxel, but it refuses to do so… - i am just confused that we can lower by one… but not by ten etc

It’s not the caves they mind so much as the size of said caves. If you make your caves 8 or so high and as wide they shouldn’t complain as much.
Do mind that this takes advance planning as they don’t like digging up

But more on topic, it’s currently a limit of their builder and I’d like to see that fixed too, but with some arcane work around you might still be able to do it

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It is something that they are planning to do after they made the builder able to do what the old one could at least… id say we are close to that tippingpoint?

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