Construction Suggestions

The one thing I really am missing are stairs. I’d love to build wide stairs to change from one “terrain level” to another instead of ladders, which everone, including sheep and people carrying a ton of stone are using.

In addition i has issues with buildings bot being finished due to “hitbox” collisoins with ohter buildungs or the terrain. It would be nice if the least distance showed in the building menu would account for such things…

A thing that might come for the dwarfs ist that I would love to use caves instead of huts. That yould mean that I would wanto to put doors on the entrances and mybe build walls inside caves.
kind reagrds

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Stairs can be built with slabs… which now show as the second floor in the building UI because reasons.

They really should have been labeled better.

You mean something like this? Don’t remember where I found this image so sorry I can’t credit the author.

I learned this, that box around the outside of your building is the scaffolding zone, where they build their scaffold to build up. If it’s blocked in any way, they won’t build the scaffolding, and thus can’t build up.

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Cool thing with the stairs. Must have missed or overlooked it.
I havent been able to force the construction hitbox issue, but the guys raised a scaffold and did not build the roof and I felt like it was due to the roof somehow interfering with the nearby hill

Another suggestion, use the hotkey “n”, and it will allow you to mine individual voxels. Then you can design your stairs easier and more fluently that mining out full blocks.