Alpha 7 R: 180 Mining Tips

So I decided to try it out, thinking I’ll just dig straight down and build a ladder as I go. Nope. You have to build 4x4 stairs if you ever want your villagers to see light again. Building ladders under ladders isn’t the best thing. Just a helpful tip. I lost 4 people because they were stuck down there. I call it the tragedy of Silverwood.


Noticed this too the hard way :confused:

I also noticed that there is no way to mine up instead of down. Really want that option too in the future if that is possible.


I haven’t tried that. You mean like to create a new path or stair case that goes up? I suppose if you planned it correctly you can sue the guys from upstairs to dig down. But, yes I too would like to see that.

Yeah like a stair upstairs. I tried but if you really want to make like a 2 high room you need the entrance to that room to be 2 high. Otherwise you simply can’t.

For example when the game makes a new plateau where grass grows. That will be 10 blocks high. This means that you could make 2 4x4 levels in one plateau. But to do that you have to start at the top one. So you never can start at the bottom like you cuz you can’t mine up.

So here you can see that the standard plateau is 10 voxels high and so you could have 2 high chambers (4x2+1 for the level between). But to make that possible your entrance has to be 9 high as well which i personally don’t want.

therefor i dug down 1 on ground level so that it was possible for me to make a 2 high room for my main entrance

But if i want the same effect for the dining room, then that would mean i had to dig ou t that block above the entrance next to the arrow which i didn’t want to :wink:

SO all short being able to dig up would be nice to :smile:


That room looks really cool. I see what you mean. But then again, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure by Alpha8 Mining will be much better.