New Builder Template Issue - Moving buildings, or building buildings with basements Issue

Hi Team Stonehearth ^^

I have been having tons of fun with the new builder and I have made some pretty crazy but functional buildings with it. However, I am struggling to create a template that works with a basement. I have attached the template here.building_templates.7z (40.3 KB)

Making the building is fine. I dug an 11x19x6 hole and built it without a hitch. The issues mostly cropped up when I saved it as a template so that I could use it later.

When I have dug a 11x19x6 hole in the floor to place the building I can’t place the building inside the hole I have dug. It must be placed on regular ground and be moved from there.

I also have an issue when I select the basement floor and move it downwards. A number of objects that should be attached to the rest of the building, such as a wall, some handplaced voxels and pathways don’t move with the building. Additionally, some walls disappear or move unexpectedly.