Templates Exist But wont Place

So basically I have made buildings and then saved them to templates. And they exist in the templates drop down menu, and in the files, But when I click on them nothing happens. Some of the templates do continue to work while others don’t.

Steps to reproduce:

I don’t know at the moment, it seems rather random.

Expected Results:

Template places and you can begin building.

Actual Results:

Nothing happens, sometimes error message.


release-860 (x32)
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:28: table index is nil
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:28: in function ‘_clean_bid’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:72: in function ‘BuildingData_FromJson’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:146: in function ‘PerimeterWallData_FromJson’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:228: in function ‘WallMap_FromJson’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:206: in function ‘RoomData_FromJson’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:326: in function ‘_json_to_data’
stonehearth/lib/building/template_utils.lua:415: in function ‘load_template_as_temp’
…services/client/building/building_client_service.lua:895: in function ‘?’
…services/client/building/building_client_service.lua:948: in function <…services/client/building/building_client_service.lua:941>


Version Number and Mods in use:
Newest Stable Version Alpha 24

Numerous building bugs have been fixed on the unstable version (“latest” in the Steam betas list). Does this issue still occur there?

Ah yes, it is fixed. Now though, I have a problem with placing the template, in that it can only be placed on the edge of something. The only template that does this is a watch tower I build from the ground up using single blocks.

If you upload it we can take a look at it. The templates should be inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates.
You’d need to zip them since Discourse doesn’t allow direct upload of json files, I think.

building_templates.zip (28.8 KB)

At first sight something seems fishy with the blocks semantics (part of the floor is designated as “walls”) but I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing it to have bad placement :confused:

Hey, thanks for all your help. It seemed to just be an extra block somewhere on the bottom preventing placement. Its fixed now.

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