Building templates not working underground

So you can’t place templates underground. I assume it’s because they don’t fit, however that’s also not taking into account they can be lowered (not if they aren’t seen on the interface though) and used as a guide to know how deep to dig.

Also I can’t build roofing or blocks as a roof on the ceiling (where it’s mined out)…and trouble with walls sometimes. I think this should be looked into before you guys leave :).


I’m afraid cave building support is unlikely to improve before 1.0.

I still can’t use templates underground at all even in areas they definitely fit. It’s also hard to make sure you can fit a template when you can’t see it…like if you have a long wall you have to have your mouse on the exact square that’s in the middle to fit it right…makes it hard to place things in mined out areas especially…so it would be really great to see the ghost as you move your cursor and just have an error when it can’t be clicked to place instead of guessing. Also we really need templates to work underground…I’m not rebuilding this bedroom design 40+ times over and I’m sure others are/will be equally frustrated that underground isn’t working as expected…especially after tonnes of effort has been put in already to mine it all out lol.

This is an early screenshot showing half my base, it has an entire section on top all mined out now and I can’t play it because I don’t want to redraw 40+ bedrooms. I just wanted a nice base bedroom and then I can go in and add the hearthlings favourite things to them to customise/make different.

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