Underground building


i’m building underground in stonehearth, everything goes well but i relaunched the game and now i cant build anything underground. when i wanne put an bed underground i just get an red cross. here are some screenshots


i hope this gets fixed in alpha 8 because i really want to build an city underground.

hey there @PulseLazor … welcome aboard! :smile:

I know we have a similar report floating around here somewhere… someone help me out! :blush:

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hey steve euhgm i already found the solution. i was mining and for some reason you cant place blocks when you are mining stuff that are like 50 blocks away or something.

Yeah, i was really confused that i couldn’t place stuff either, but when they finished mining the current area, all was good. Just have to be patient i guess. :frowning:

Maybe related to this?

What version are you running?

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i’m running the one before the latest branch update from today. i’m going to test it in this new version de latest dev build.