Cave building broken

i wanted to continue a colony in the mountain, cant do it
Steps to reproduce:

  1. can’t place stockpiles in carved out spaces
  2. can build roads into mountain, it sais problem blocks are colored, but non are red.
  3. placement of items within caverns is fine though.

this is a save with mods, that was fine be4 the latest build('s) as far as i remember

Version Number and Mods in use:
Auto harvest
footman power strike balance
sacred grove biome
hearthlings of many faces
important mood
miner profession
World map size 96
System Information:

I noticed the issue with the stockpiles aswell. It seems like if the mining is not done of the complete area that was originally assigned to be mined, you cant place the stockpile, but as soon as the area was completely finnished, i could.

I can imagine, if you are mining out a big area, it seems unlogical with this aproach? Since it looks like, the first part is already done…

Have not tried with roads though…

You have forgotten to upload your savegame @LadidaLP? :slight_smile:

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i’ll try to see if i wait for it to be finished, and if that makes a diffrence. if it doesnt, my next post will contain the save-file


You are correct, after i let the (big) mining order complete fully, i was able to place stockpiles down in the caverns i carved out

Roads also are now able to be placed down in the hallways etc.

it’s still a bit unintuitive, but it’s not a high priority issue or something.


Thanks for the report! This will be fixed on stable in a hotfix early next week, and on unstable with the next unstable push (probably later next week).

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