Road not placing properly

Hi, I have been noticing some issues with the road tiles not placing inside caves that I have dug out. This is a pain because I build rather large cave systems and it gets tiring having them move so slowly. I haven’t noticed problems when I place the roads anywhere else. Help?

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I have been having a similar issue, although am using unstable. The in-game red dialogue box keeps telling me to send in a saved game with the issue but doesn’t look like I can actually do that as I am new in the forums.

However, I CAN provide links to my streams where this issue occurs. Game reports that the Hearthlings cannot find a path to build, yet the build section is directly adjacent to existing road.

However, I can eventually build at point - this is when there is a small section of the area is inadvertently opened to the sky.

At the beginning of the following stream I experience the same issue with the next room over. Adding ladders doesn’t allow the Hearthlings to build. I haven’t gone so far as opening the room to the sky, but I have a feeling this will allow building.

At this point I am scrapping the series and starting over as my game is essentially broken. Will start over with a new series.

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I am in unstable as well, thanks so much, I am new as well its a relief to hear someone is sharing the same problem as so far, I have been unable to find anyone else.

@Drafell I also went ahead and subscribed, I really like the aesthetics of your build!

Paging @jamiltron who has worked a bunch on the builder :slight_smile:

@sdee Thank you!