I can't Build at all

So I am trying to make my mine entrance secure cause its randomly in the zone for easy access to my resource but it won’t let me.

this 4x4 is the tunnel entrance and it won’t let me build I have no idea why.
I add a save just in case you want to try it out.

Thanks for helping.

Actually I can’t build at all , its like reached some sort of a maximum building in my village and can’t even build a wall now.

I need help I can’t progress with my save , can some1 check my save out?

Checked it out, first thing I noticed was it didn’t seem to have any stockpiles, plenty of chests but no stockpile. Not sure if related, but u never know =)

As far as building goes, didn’t have any problem at all.

Yeah after playing a bit my building issue is fixed , just can’t seem to design a nice entrance to my mine but its fine.
I wonder about those chests they count as stockpiles or I should always have just a small one to solve some random issues?

As far as the chests go I wouldn’t know, rarely use them at all.

Glad it worked itself out somehow tho :smiley:

@liorhassin, feel free to bump this thread up if you get these same building issues again.