[r195] Item placement is blocked near mining zone

Summary: I cannot place items near a mining zone, even if the highlighted sections closest to where I’d like to place have already been mined out.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build items (in my case, fancy beds)
  2. Select area to be mined
  3. Attempt to place item near the mine zone (before mining has finished)

Expected results: Item places near the zone.

Actual results:

Not captured in the screenshot, but there is a red ‘X’ mouse icon in the middle of this room not allowing bed placement

Moving the cursor a bit further away makes the item placeable, but interestingly…

When mining of the highlighted zone is complete, the bed can be placed where it had previously been blocked.

Notes: In case anybody asks, the items in the room were there from before I began mining. Also, I tried rotating the bed and moving it around the room. It just wouldn’t let me place it anywhere in there, in any orientation!

Version: r195

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just so I understand, I’ve mocked up one of your images… did I capture the issue correctly? :smile:


But I think the blocking is related to the highlighted entrance just ‘east’ of the room rather than the unmined room ‘north’ of it.

Anybody wanna confirm? :smile:


Fixed for the next build. Thanks @phector2004!