Paralyzed hearthlings? not cool

Orcs raiding down from the forest, dumb trapper gets shot unconscious, my whole army wrecked the raiders and brought the heartling home, where he was treated. three days after, eventhough he was just fine, he was still in pain and slowly starving to death (He simply could not move from the darn bed!)
Thinking that he was bugged against the bed, I removed it while he was still on it and… Voila, a sad, paralyzed hearthling who cant be treated because he is AT FULL HEALTH ALREADY

  1. Get an injured hearthling to a bed
  2. Treat him normally
  3. He might not be able to move a single muscle afterwards

Playing on:
0.20.0, X32 build, no mods

Im playing this with the lowes graphic settings possible ans im using a AMD FX™-6300 six core precessor, 3.50Ghz
3.50 usable RAM
Opperative System in 64 bits

I am glad I can share this with you!

On the one hand, annoying bug.

On the other hand, paralyzed Hearthlings sounds like a fantastic idea and another great use of the herbalist for curing.


Just like ErMac from MK, something cool can emerge from a bug, but Hearthlings ARE already paralyzed when they are incapacitated, so the herbalist does kinda cure the paralisys.
In the other hand, it can still be a good idea to add sicknesses on different things (poisoned arrows, eating old food) and those.