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Have you tried a skull with horns similar to that ones Stonehearth uses for male sheeps?

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I had not, I’ll try it

oh suuuure@voxel_pirate makes a suggestion for horns, and its all rainbows and unicorns… :tongue:


poor steve, his brilliant ideas are never recognised


Hey guys, just encase some of you didn’t know I have just finished 15 Model Templates, 14 posted yesterday and another one I just sent @voxel_pirate. Head over there and give them a download :wink:


… just uploaded and added to the overview. Thanks once more Pandemic for sharing!

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indeed… thanks for adding your models to the mix… :smiley:

i would throw in some of mine, but i dont think having something that looks like an ewok mated with a giant gray square would be overly helpful…

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I really hate how stubborn I am. Still haven’t found a style of horn, helmet or skull to match the titan… still not giving up.

Driving me crazy.

Have you tried the Venger horn from the olde Dungeons and Dragon cartoon?

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Idk, having a single horn makes me feel weird about the rest of it and two horns makes seem to cluttered…


Then maybe one of them could be broken off? So one and a half horn. Just a thought.

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This would look pretty cool

those horns look wicked! are those his shoulders floating parallel to them though?

The 2nd set of shoulders are currently placeholder. I plan to have a larger shoulder to have both sets on, just trying to figure out how to pull it off and keep the Stonehearth Charm :stuck_out_tongue:

The horns are reminding me of this:

I think they look awesome, and I like @Agon’s idea of having one broken …


Holy jesus what is that @Geoffers747 ???

…it’s a er… [size=10]chaos space marine[/size]

Here’s one with a bit more … majesty.

Edit: I was always more of a Blood Angel fan myself


SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Ah Chaos Space Marines and Normal Space Marines… So silleh.

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So a few months back thanks to a very awesome @TobiasSabathius, I have been able to relax a bit and learn which programs I can use on my current computer for animation, sadly to say I won’t be using anything fancy like Maya or 3Ds Max due to my computer specs. Blender is the only animation program that runs smoothly enough to tell what I am doing and to work at full speed and skill.

Since that has been dealt with I need to get into some extreme animation practice for combat, lighting, camera tricks and other aspect of animated film making, so my model out put may be slowed extremely though I will try to put out a model every now and again along with some test animations to keep people interested. If anyone knows of any Stonehearth rigging dealios for Blender if you could point me inthe right direction I would be greatful.

I’ve narrowed down the trailer scenes and other details for the pilot, so look forward to that.


I finished the head concept for the Uber skeleton, once I figure out the shoulders I’ll render it out and post the turntable. Aside from that, I decided I want more people to be on the series. IF anyone wants to help me out just PM.

I hope that the next thing I can post is a small animation, See you guys soon.

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I will hopefully be sorting out my animation plugin for Blender over the next 3-4 weeks or so you can have that to speed stuff up a bit. Also the ever awesome @voxel_pirate has done amazing things with blender and the creation of training videos.

Also keep up the good work, avaricious eyes are watching. :lantern: :lock_with_ink_pen:

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