Orcish horde, EZ or not EZ?

Im playing on normal mode and Equipped myself with six turrets, a fortress with three layers of reinforced doors and an army of 4 archers with fire arrows, 3 clerics, 3 footmen and 2 knights, but im still too much of a pu$$y to begin war with the orcs. Can somebody tell me (In general) how kickass they can be in large numbers?

Should be ok for any group fight. I normally have just 8 soldiers (2 footman, 2 knight, 2 clerics and 2 archers) and they win against any small group. You have way more than that, so it will be very easy.

Make a new save and then push the war button to find out your strength @Stonestomach :slight_smile:
But it sounds like you are good to go towards victory.

as rule of thumb: If all other encounters are ok or easy to handle, you will handle the next level of encounter.

That sounds a bit overkill even. Three clerics sound overkill in general. There is no kind of enemy (or group of) that deals that kind of damage on normal mode. You should be save with just two, or one even if your footmen and knights are level six.

Yup I agree with @ZwoeleBeer your normal mode army is the same as the army I use in hard mode. I always keep an archer or two on spiked arrows cause I hate having to chase down those pesky kobold archers. If you’re really nervous about it make sure you micromanage the first few fights until you’re more confident. Kill the healers first, then dps, then the tanks. You’ll be fine!

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