Objects For Houses

I’m curious to how a Hearthling considers being inside on a technical level.

  • If I were to make a giant crate with a door on the front, but as an object not with the builder, and placed a bed inside, with the object’s hitbox(s) set up properly, would the Hearthling consider this a house, or does a “house” specifically have to be made with the building editor for the Hearthling to consider themselves “inside”?

  • Taking that a step further, if I were to build a box out of multiple normal crates, and placed a door on the front, would that be considered a home or not as well?

  • Finally, with the game seeing windows and doors as just holes in the wall, what defines a house as a house within the builder? If I put up 4 corner posts and a roof, is that considered “inside”?

As far as “shelter” goes, they just check if they can see the sky. As far as the builder is concerned, it doesn’t care.


That being said; if the hearthling is inside the crate, a ray trace might ignore the container and still be able to see the sky. It depends on how the bounds of the crate and ray trace are setup.

Ah, right. If by “Crate” SirAsterix means a crafted object then no, it only counts building and terrain voxels.


great now I want to make a building that looks like a crate…

an old screenshot of mine, where by accident while trying to code a mod, made a buildingsized crate :smiley:


That’s what I needed / wanted to know. Is this definition hard coded, or is it something as easy as adding a line somewhere to change so the crafted items can be counted as roofs?

Ok, now to throw in a trickier situation: given that the buildings don’t count items, what about if we wanted skylights? Think of a window, only on the ceiling… would it punch a hole through the roof (same as doors and windows do for walls) and thus allow a “see the sky” situation, or would the roof still count? Is it a case that the sky must be completely blocked out, or is there a percentage (e.g. >50% blocked = shelter), or some other rule?

I initially assumed that given how RC roofs can have gaps in them, it would be fine; but then I realised that even if those roof types have gaps they’re not “interrupted” (the building editor considers them contiguous) and the game probably doesn’t account for the gaps…


Good question!
Another example I have is my tavern with a hole in the roof.

@YetiChow i presume its only checked when heartlings actually need to check, so say, in a bed.so tehy dont “sleep outside”
so literally making a litle overhang off of a natural wall and putting beds under them would probably enough as to count as “inside” (in a bear grills y way)