Buildings I made....LITERALLY

So here are a bunch of buildings I made in a town called Literal Town… so whatever your job was in this town… your house made sure everyone knew. You wouldn’t want to be a Gynecologist in this town, or a Proctologist.

I’ll have them all in a zip file linked below the images.

building_templates.rar (178.5 KB)

2 things you need to know, For the Mason’s Hammer there is a 2nd piece called Mason’s Chisel2 that is the chisel you can rest on top of the hammer.
And for the Poyo house, there is a bed… in his head by the windows, you need to build a ladder after he is built so they can get up there. (The Poyo may or may not need assistance during building)
(Log house also has a version with and without the Saw)


Wow, really nice buildings in here - impressive work! :smiley:


I’m also going to make… a GIANT POYO BUILDING! Like an entire town inside a Poyo… oh man…