A21 - Sleeping in a Clay Dormitory counts as "sleeping outside"


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build Clay Dormatory
  2. Allow Hearthlings to sleep in it

Expected Results:

Hearthlings won’t have the “Slept Outside” modifier to their mood

Actual Results:

Hearthlings complain that they slept outside.

Version Number and Mods in use:

v3362 - no mods

Oh! Maybe the gaps in the ceiling beams are making it register a outside since there’s nothing directly above?

That was my thought. But all of the other clay buildings have slatted roofs as well. I was giving all of my crafters assigned beds in their own homes and letting the plebe working class share beds in the dormitories, and it was only the workers who would have complaints about Shared Bed, Shared Room, and Slept Outside.

I’d upload my save for the devs to take a look at then.

With the new code, Rayya’s Children templates are broken. Half of the locations inside the house are considered unsheltered because of the open roof. One workaround is to move the bed 1 block against the grain of the roof.



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build any house
  2. Put a bed in it
  3. Wait till they pass out

Expected Results:
They think they are sleeping in a house

Actual Results:
They think they are sleeping outside.
Not sure if this has been brought up, it only does it on the Rayya’s style roofs.

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:

You can often fix it by moving the bed around a bit. The reason, I believe, is because there are no voxels above the bed so they think it is outside. Try different ways of lining it up with the beams to make it better.

At least I know it’s not just me

Nope! I’ve been having the same problem.

I found this problem. A bed in “inside” must have floating blocks at center of xy position of the bed.
eg) bed have 5x3 as xy size, and floating blocks should cover center of bed.
□ = no block above requried
■ = floating block required

So, hearthling thinks the bed is inside of house even in following extreme case.

  1. Place a bed at any ground.
  2. Build a custom building consist of only 5 blocks which 4 tiles apart from ground, see shape above.
    4 tiles apart make hearthling to feel “very cramped environment”, so I suggest make it at least 6 tiles apart.

Another non-related tip I leave.
Placing beds very close each other make hearthlings to feel "slept in shared room"
Making 4 tile height x 5 tile length slab between beds can make avoid this.
A side of a bed should be empty. If bed is enclosed in both sides, hearthling cannot reach to bed…

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