Getting 'slept outside' moodlet when slept inside

Summary: a portion of my hearthlings are saying they slept outside when they slept in a house. One stopped getting the moodlet by rotating the bed.

Steps to reproduce:

Build a custom (maybe default) house in the desert and place a bed. Sometimes they think they are inside, some don’t.

Expected Results: all thinking they slept inside

Actual Results: some, not all, hearthlings think they slept outside

Notes: maybe because of the way the desert housing has open space in the default roofing?

Version Number and Mods in use:
Current version with no mods

Yeah it’s the gaps in the roof giving the “outside” effect. The only workaround for this for now is moving the bed over a bit.

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I was worried that was the case. Does the bed need to be parallel with the beams/ directly under the beam to fix it?