Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold]

Looks like a really awesome mod =]

But it says it is still on r14? I’m on r27… but since this is a smod replacing mod… it should work, yes? ^^

In theory it should. xD I’ve been holding off on updating it until the next update so I can use the new moding API.

I guess I’ll give it a whorl ^^

I can’t wait until the new API come out =D

Hahaha let me know what you think. :smile:

By the time the next update comes out I’ll hopefully have some more content into the mod. :smile:
Custom furniture/animations/addition of the weaver. . .


It doesn’t seem to be working for me… Guess I now have all the more reason to hope they update the API son =D

Hmmmmm. . . Maybe after work I’ll try and throw together a build for the current release as I feel it might be awhile before the next release.

No need to do that just for me, and the new release could come out anyday now! Might as well focus on adding more awesome stuff to the mod :thumbsup:

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cliffhanger! :smile:

cant wait to see the new recipes (any hints?), and all this work in motion… :+1:

As of right now the new recipes are basically re-skins of some of the carpenter recipes. However these new recipes require custom animations as they are the sitting pillows and lower tables I have mentioned above. Also going to begin working on a few beds and the custom sleeping animations that they’ll require. :smile:

Plus I’m also working on developing an idea for a crafting process (involving the carpenter and weaver) that’ll give some nice furniture options.


for providing this most this excellent reskin mod, in the face of such technical adversity, and for just being an all-around awesome member, i do hereby proclaim, that @Avairian is to be awarded with no less than 10 internet points…

bows humbly



Gaaah! Why didn’t you summon me? Why?!


Maybe he didn’t really want to give the points!

Maybe he wants all the precious to himself! =O

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I was out fighting in the battlefield and cleaning my sword. . . . :frowning:
Please forgive me!!! [quote=“chimeforest, post:234, topic:2289”]
Maybe he didn’t really want to give the points!

Maybe he wants all the precious to himself! =O

Bahahaha you guys make me laugh. :laughing:


Nihonjin Alpha r34 Version 1 released:

Just released a new update to the mod. No new content (some is actually removed for now) as I’m porting over the original mod into it’s new home: nihonjin.smod

Hopefully this’ll make installation much easier

More information in second post
Download link:


Works like a charm :smiley:


Nihonjin Alpha r34 Version 2 Released!

What do we have here? A new resource!

After much effort and some assistance from @RepeatPan the next release is already out! Click the link above and enjoy!

Nihonjin is officially compatible with @chimeforest’s Colors Mod!
Quince baskets have been designated as dark yellow color sources.

New Features:

  • Small Oak Trees have been re-skinned and drop a new resource
  • 3 New Crafting Recipes
  • Red camp standard has been implemented\

Let me know what you think! Feedback is much appreciated!

  • How is the scale and color for the bamboo stalks?
  • How is the color scheme for the bamboo bundles and furniture?

I… don’t know what to say… these are just. Beautiful


looks great :smiley:

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wow, nice update! we were out of pocket most of the weekend, but i will definitely give this a go tonight and provide some feedback… well, hopefully… :smile:


Thanks :smile:

Still waiting on that feedback :wink:

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