Neobonde's Qubicle Creations

I thought i would try to do some modeling in Qubicle, and found out that it was super simple to use.
This has probally been made before, but it was how far my imagination went this first time.
Carpenters tools:

There is suppoesed to be a: Saw, Chissel, Mallet, Hammer, Drill and Plyers.

Hope you like it :wink:


Seems like you have already found a niche which is not covered yet… tools (or at least I haven’t seen too many yet). Absolutely agree with you that using Qubicle is not rocket science… and your first creations are not bad at all. Hope to see some more work from you in the future.


i think @voxel_pirate is correct, you may have found a niche… :wink:

excellent first effort! i like that you incorporated more than one color for the metal and wood components (adds to the “depth” of each model)…

Today i wanted to try to make something a bit bigger, but keep the resulotion down in the spirirt of lowest resolution and still readable.
I tried to make some farmer tools:

Hopefully you can see what tools I have made if not, here is a list: Shovel, Graip and Scythe.


Nice man looks really good i will be following you on your creations! (;

i can definitely see the shovel, and think that will read well even from a distance… the scythe is a little hard to pull off, but i think you did a good job… :smiley:

i wasnt even aware of what a graip was… but thanks to the power of google, i now know it’s a:

a three or four-pronged fork used as a dungfork or for digging

hmmm… :poop:

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Well i didn’t either, but i googled it and fund the name, but i would like to have the name of a two-pronged fork.

Today i felt inspired to do something creative, well what you use these tools for are creative anyways
I made some painters tools, or 2 brushes and a paint pallete:

I know it aint much but this is to get me started thinking about a mod idea, because every one and their mother has one. I guess you can’t guess what it is :smile:


stonhearth pancake haus?

love the painting implements though… :smiley:

A mod allowing to repaint a house? Or maybe a new set of soliders: “Painting Warrior”, “Wizard of the Color”, “Brush Thrower”, and of course the almighty “Rainbow Poney” :-°

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Keep guessing guys. I think if i can get some model manipulation to work in blender, i will have another hint later today :smile:

As promised a hint/ teaser on what my mod is going to be.

It took some time, damn blender!, but i think it became a good easel :smile:


is it a painting mod to where you can place paintings or paint your own?

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It’s been a few days and i have come up with something more to show you guys :blush:
I have created some japanese styled fesival decorations and i have made a blender render of it. Hope you like it :smile:


That is awesome!

It would look great lining a street, or going across the street

Yeah! i agree :smile:
But im a bit disapointed whit the render, because of the lines that it outlines the voxels with :frowning:

I remember someone, perhaps @voxel_pirate or @Froggy saying something about this and how to get rid of them … I think!

What a search i have to make :smiley: they both have like 200+ posts :smiley:

@neobonde You can get rid of the lines if you change the export settings in Qubicle. Try to play around with them. If I have it right in my mind, you can deactivate “Draw Outlines To Textures”… but might be that it was another setting.

Update: … actually it is the setting “Pixels Per Color” which should be set to “1x1”.


absolutely… this just screams Festivals:+1:

i :heart: this community…