Needing help with changing others mods content

Hey, ive been doing a mod wich makes only Snow Weather appear, by using a mixinto in the temperate Biome file. Now i want to do the same, but with modded biomes and i started with the Canyon Biome.
ive gone into the mod folder and looked for the path to the Canyons mod Biome file and tryed to change it the same way i did it for the temperate Biome, did not work though. Im not exactly sure what i do wrong since i did not change anything except stuff from Stonehearth and Rayyas Children yet. im sorry if its a minor miswrite that i didnt notice or anything.

My Manifest:

The Mixinto File, even it should work since its the same file as the temperate biome one:

Canyon Mods Biome file:

when using the Object Browser from debugtools it does seem like the file doesnt gets changed at all, so i guess i did something wrong with the path to the file?

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Hello @Lukas04!

It’s great you’re getting into modding! However…
You should take a look at this thread: One Rule to Ring Them All

We have a rule (it’s the One Rule!) that you should not modify the work of others in the community without their explicit, written permission. So before you put a ton of sweat and effort into a new mod, you should check this. The Canyon Mod – created by @BrunoSupremo falls into this category. (Obviously, it’s fine to create a mod that is based on the work of the Stonehearth dev team.)


Does the rule also stand for just modifying? since its basicly what i do, i use no code made by Bruno in this case. @brad

Yes, the rule still applies – any changes, additions, enhancements etc to a community-created mod (such as the Canyon biome) should not be undertaken without the express permission of the mod’s creator.

I think it was just a little misunderstanding, it seems he is not trying to change my actual mod files, but instead add to it through his own mod. Like adding any other item to the game, instead in his case he wants to add a weather. (Although I’m not sure why you would want snow in it)
Is that it, @Lukas04? If so, that is ok by me.
Looking at the code you pasted I’m not sure why that would not work, if you want, you can post your whole mod here and I can take a look. The canyon mod I have in my machine has some small changes compared to the current one in the workshop, but it should not affect this.


@BrunoSupremo My mod does remove all weather, and make it Snowy all the time instead, and removes the debuffs snow gives to unsheltered Heartlings, so basicly just for the visuals.Made it work for the default biome but not for modded ones, wich i just try to do does change something on your mod files though by that, i wasnt sure of the rules yet since i wasnt active on this Forum before this, im sorry.

The Source, removed 2 of the files that were in the screenshot since they were basicly not needed anymore since i did change something before.

Uhm, yeah, in that case it is always nice to talk with the other modder.
In this very specific case though, it is not much of a problem. If someone downloads a mod that claims to add permanent snow, then I guess that is what they want. And if they load it in the canyon, they would expect it to have an effect there too. I would still call them crazy though.

It looks like you have an extra ) in your manifest mixinto

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Oh… how did i not notice that?
im realy sorry to took your guys time…

just because bruno and other threw it at me a bunch of times:

it helps :stuck_out_tongue: just dump in your file, hit validate and it checks for too many, too little etc brackets and "'s

more on topic: loving the snow all the time mod. @BrunoSupremo i think people wanting to live on cliffsides in the snow might be crazy enough to mix both cliffs and the always snow mod, lol.

i use this Json validator a lot:

it didnt recognize the extra ) as an error though. the line didnt work because of it, but the manifest still worked fine.

also just to explain it, the canyon mod isnt the only one i wanted to add support for, its just the one i started with.

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jsonlint did not work this time in his error because it was still a valid json file. The error was inside a text string. So the validator couldn’t know it was wrong, because text can have basically anything in it. But the game complains, because that text had to follow a specific formatting, in his case, it was “file(…)” while he had “file(…))”