Where are the world gen files?

So there are these new ways to edit the world gen, but I can’t seem to find them. Is it still in server/worldgenaration or is it somewhere else ?

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The logic for world generation is found there yes, but what you most likely want is found in data/biome/temperate.json. Just do a mixinto to that file, and go nuts with its values!

There are a couple of other biomes found there as well, but temperate is the one that’s currently used.


Yea i wanted to do a test of my trees, but i can’t seem to change the oak.qb file to mine, which is kind of weird. But i’ll figure that out on my own, thanks for the help :). Just to go further in on what you said, a mixinto, how would that work ? Do i have to make a separate .json fie for the thing i want to and add it to some folder.

Yeah, something like that, but without adding it to some folder (it just has to exist within your mod). You just have to create your own file that you want to mixinto to another json file, but with its values changed. And then in the manifest you just define your mixintos, something like this:

"mixintos" : {

I’m also gonna post an example mod that does exactly this. It changes some values in temperate.json so that plains are more common, mountains are more flat, and trees appear slightly more sporadic.



Thanks ! This is exactly what i ment.