Multiplayer not hauling

when i play multiplayer with my friends my heartlings stops doing hauling they just sit around though they don’t have jobs to do.they do everything
(farming, building, jobs, etc, etc…)but they dont haul. in single mod there is no problem by the way only in multiplayer. help me.
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Expected Results:

Actual Results:

i don’t why but also invaders are coming twice a day in multiplayer.

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 25 and giant map mod

System Information:
hd graphics 3000,i5,4gb ram

Given that you’re using the giant map mod, it’s probably the same issue as Corner maps render Hearthlings incapable of stocking stuff, which sould be fixed in the next release (should be on the unstable branch by the end of this week). If you still see the issue in that release, please upload the offending savegame.

i don’t why but also invaders are coming twice a day in multiplayer.

Invaders spawn separately for each player.

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sorry it is alpha 24

but it doesn’t spawn one of my friend but me

I’m not sure what you mean, but the invaders will attack whichever town happens to be closest to their spawn location, so it may be the case that invaders that are spawned for your friend end up attacking your city.

nope our cities are far away they spawn near mine

that is possible. look at it like this:

the game counts: how many players?
in your case, at least two.
this means that it spawns 2 groups of enemies.
AFTER it does this, it doesnt give a rats ass whos enemies they are: they will just attack whichever player is nearest. and the spawn does not care about town placement: it does what it wants. so even though you are placed far appart: both can be aimed at you because you happen to have been placed near somewhere where the game likes to spawn.

(yes i know this is not how the code works but its the clearer way of explaining)