Corner maps render Hearthlings incapable of stocking stuff

When generating a new world, putting the central dot into one of the corners to have the smallest map possible, renders hearthlings incapable of stocking, moving or undeploying things.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Generate a new map and put the cursor into a corner (littlest map space coverage)
  2. Place banner
  3. Create a stockpile (mine is set to default to none, so I set it to allow all)

Expected Results:
Hearthlings begin to clean up camp and uproot some of the plants in the map, which I have set to undeploy.

Actual Results:
They stand around.


  • Used Rayya’s children in the dessert, food for days.
  • Things, that are stamped down with the debug as an iconic ARE being moved into stockpile no problem.
  • After some time, while they were mining and cutting down trees, they eventually moved things into stockpile (the system of choosing which ones was more like in little waves, they did not “click” and put everything away at once).

Edit: confirming it behaves the same with the Ascendency in Temperate.

Version Number and Mods in use: r-862, no mods

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Uh? Selecting a corner pixel should not create a small map. There is a margin outside of the view, so when you select it, there is still terrain in that area.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t notice :merry: What it does as well though, is produce this bug.

Wow, that’s a fascinating discovery! I’m amazed we hadn’t hit this before, since this behavior has been around forever. Should be fixed in the next release.


kinad curious, why on earths name would what pixel you drop cause this to happen ;’) this sounds like maximum spaghetti code lol. (doesnt have to be an in depth reason, just in general speak :stuck_out_tongue: )

The spatial caches that track reachable items in the world were hardcoded to look in the -1024,-1024 - 1024,1024 range instead of the actual selected area, since that’s the bound of the large overworld.


Ah, makes sense really.
A case of the overworld expands. But the thing that looks for stuff to do doesnt. Actually, this would probably fix more than just the absolute corners right? Every time a map went “over” the edge it should have happened? (and now be fixed) cool :slight_smile:

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This reminds me of the ‘center camera over banner’ functionality.
It used to be broken when embarking on the edges of the map, long time ago :slightly_smiling_face:

Good catch!
(Will be moving all these to Resolved later this week, it’s faster when I select all topics in a batch by tag)