Morningwood: The village carved out of stone

I decided to try a village with no building, only mining structures out of the mountainside. I found a nice little nook to tuck my hearthlings into while I started in a nicely terraced area so it would have good layering and I coulkd dig out larger structures as I make my way back through the layers. So far I have the resource/crafting area dug out and a 2 level bunkhouse with beds for 22 and the first staircase done. Hopefully I’ll be posting regular updates…if my little laptop doesn’t get too overworked.


Nice! I’d love to see how the rooms in there look, with the slice tool! :smile:


I’ll upload a Sliced view for you after work (i’m on the wrong 'puter)…I meant to take a screenshot of it last night but forgot before I shut down. lol. The bottom layer was a bit of a pain because it didn’t line up with the slices correctly (my bad).

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Cutdown view of the rooms. Started with a nice square room for ease of mining but I’m hoping to expend them back into the mountain with sitting rooms and lounges.


Tonight’s project is doing the artiface work for my mine enterance. I cleaned up the front surface so it’s smooth and easier to plot my design. Finished product “should” be a hearthling head with the mine entrance as the mouth.


Fleeing Hearthling Mine enterance is complete


Wow, that’s amazing!

Definitely going to follow this.


Thanks @coasterspaul!

I added a cookhouse/cafeteria

and added some stairwells connecting my resource area to the layer above and another connecting my resource area directly to my mine to save a nasty round trip

and xray view of all the connected areas so far


[quote=“Boulderboy, post:8, topic:15082”]
I added a cookhouse/cafeteria
[/quote]This is truly going to be amazing when it’s done. Love the cafeteria!


Well, I was extremely excited about compatibility between 2513 and 2521 but it seems to be a moot point. Something in it just went Kaput and my frame rate won’t go above 1 or 2 fps lol. Here are the final memorial pictures before I start a new save file. (I tried rebooting and reloading, it doesn’t improve at all)

The last building I managed to squeak out was my bank. Made it easily expandable, I did a row of pillars along the front to break up the flat surface

Cutdown view of the interior showing the grocery store style layout for straight forward expansion in longer games

One final goodbye from Fleeing Hearthling Mine


I’m going to hang onto the save file just in case somebody has run into this problem and there’s an easy fix…

That’s too bad. Actually I don’t go for serious cities because I want to test out the dev versions and I know I will be mad if I lose something so special…

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This was my first longer term town. I don’t mind starting over at all…I tend to see lots of things I could improve or redesign and there are always new things I’m waiting to try lol.

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This is looking Dwarf Fortress tier, nice.


This is definitely one of the best cave villages I’ve seen in the game so far! Although I don’t think “wood” described it very well!


@Sandwitch , Thanks! I miss morningwood lol. I think I’m going to resurrect Morningwood after the next patch, I really want to replicate the Fleeing Hearthling Mine a little larger and more detailed. I had too many issues with my comp and game breaking bugs this patch (apparently a bad driver update)

Well, when you do, instead of calling it New Morningwood, call it Eveningstone, or something!

It was a toss up between Morningwood Rise or Morningwood Falls (if I can find an area with a lake above it for a future water feature. I usually have a name in mind and a basic layout idea before I start a village…and completely change everything as the world generates lol.



Few weeks ago i tried to do some underground design but it seems that stairs are a real pain to carve.
i’m quite jealous you managed to make so many stairs, what’s your secret ?

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I was going to echo @coasterspaul’s post and follow this, until I learned the tragic tail of the world’s demise, we will miss it.

It seems i’m to slow, I keep catching these posts right after they die :confused: