Morningwood: The village carved out of stone

Nice. I have tried several times, but I havent been able to build anything underground yet. I cant seem to place zones or floors etc. Any suggestions?

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Hi @Cobs_! I’m on the wrong computer at the moment but later today I’ll upload some screenshots and a walkthrough on stair carving underground. :smile:

@FaulkofSeagulls it sounds like your camera is colliding with the cavern wall (I spent much time swearing and cursing technology over this one). Do you use the “slice” view when you mine? It eliminates the upper sections of the walls and ceilings for the slice you are working on so you only have to avoid the 4 block high hurdle around the outside. Let me know if it helps

@TurtleSquish many fine villages have fallen prey to the demon lord of Incompatible Saves and his army of Fixed Bugs…or in this case, a really nasty bug that blew the whole thing up. Thanks for the hat tip though :slight_smile: I’m hoping to upload some shots of another project with the next patch…or possibly the town I’m currently working on if it progresses a little farther.

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I’ll give that a shot Boulderboy.