More lights from Mel (and other modelling stuff)

@dalabo Renaming it fixed it, thank you so much!

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Yep, that’s it.
On a sidenote. I was hoping to return to work on my lights (right after I roll the next stable version of by Starbound mod). But unfortunately my PC is currently unstable and keeps mistaking my videocard with a corncob.

  1. I will probably be unavailable for a while. That means no mod support from me. Hopefully it won’t be too long and nothing gets broken.
  2. Next updates to this mod are postponed. I hope it’s not fatal (since history shows I wasn’t updating it too often anyway :content:).

how do i install this mod again? it used to have a guide but i honestly don’t remember if i needed to rename the folder prior to putting it in an smod?

Just a few posts before.

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Perhaps I should provide an alternative “single smod” download to avoid such problems >_>

or just put it in the mods description as to what to do with the files lol

I cant even seem to get it to load, it keeps either telling me invalid manifest, or not show it at all (and even show it with no error, but I cant select it)

A22 Stable was released recently. I will take a look as soon as I get some time.


Not sure if it will interest you @MelOzone but feel free to pick apart my old mod for the lights :smiley:
They might give you some inspiration if you want an animated light source, like a gently swaying lamp…
Disclaimer: massively out of date though!

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An interesting idea @capotzalco ! I was slightly low on ideas recently.
Unfortunately I have a part of my rig cooked right now, running on some borrowed outdated hardware kindly offered by my buddy, and the situation will probably not get better in the next few months. So it’s hard to estimate when will it happen.

Unfortunately Im getting this error when I activated the mod. Is there a fix, or could this be a incompatibility with another mod?

Make sure the mod is installed correctly, cause it’s not just a drop-down work.

Will this mod make a return for Alpha 22.5 or 23 :)?
looks really nice

Hope so. I’m currently working on my money problem, but it probably won’t be fixed until next year. Real life is a friggin mess sometimes.


No worries real-life goes first always :slight_smile: hope it gets better soon <3


Good luck and real life goes first (Know all about that :sweat_smile: been gone for a year)

Love the mod and am looking forward to your return ^¢^

For the time being could you change the mod to the section outdated mods c:

It still works with 22.5; I’m using it currently.

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Oh my bad! :sweat_smile:

Basic update for A23, which is also on Steam now:

lodewell_lights.smod (1.0 MB)

I’ll make my own Continuation thread, once I can get my stupid ornate additions working… >.>


YES!!! You are just killin’ it with the updates on all this awesomeness!!!

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