[MOD] Yangz Yings


Thought i was the only one with the traders and merchants problem. :cry:


Another problem that I found (tho this could be the fault of another mod) is that I can’t upgrade to Tier 2, even if I complete the quest


My sincere apollies for the late reply. I always try to fix bugs asap but the last few weeks has been harsh. My mother is struggeling with breast cancer and aside from that there were some more things going on as well.

I assume stonehearth has changed something with the traders so ill give it a look right now.

My thanks for the patience!

Alright traders should be fixed. It was apeerantly an issue with dubble code in the mixin. Normaly it does not matter if you copy a line of code too many of the original file but it seems like that caused an issue this time. Reduced all the code concering the trader to bare minimum and it works now.

Again my apolligies. I ussualy fix bugs sooner but life really took its toll the last month.

But it works again :smiley:


hello Yangzhou could you put
Direct Download mod

since some do not have a steam account


Added a manual link in main post ^^


i have a “invalid manifest” with the manual instalation mod, i dont know what happen.

moreover i wish your mother will be health again


Oh i think i know the problem. Once i get home tomorrow ill fix it ^¢^

I heard manifets and i think its still refering to a steam mod so a few lines of code deleting zould fix it. Forgot that xD my appologies.




Should be fixed now ^^


I will test it later