[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]


They look fine on my computer, though. … Wow. How does it make that much of a difference?


@Relyss My only true love !! :innocent: Would you consider adding the greens from the trees :heart_eyes:

P.S ill build you an emerald castle!?!




@Relyss would it be possible to get the green colors from the trees incorperated into this mod aswell? i find myself in need of more dark greens :jubilant:


THANK YOU this will help me out SO MUCH <3


Will there be a Version for A21 ?


As far as I know, it still works for A21. :confused:


Work at 21 Alpha.I played yesterday.


This mod isn’t working for me in A21. I have the latest version and placed the file in the mods folder for steam. And reasons why it won’t work?


It says in game when enabling mods that its an ‘Invalid Manifest’


Are you sure you’re running A21 and that you got the latest download of this mod?
I just downloaded it from the first post, put it into the mods folder of the A21-r707 and it doesn’t say ‘Invalid manifest’.

Perhaps the invalid manifest you saw is from another mod? :confused:


I playing with this mods from A21 unstable version to this days. Artifacts did not notice.


Does this mod work with the latest unstable A22 version?

Placeable Dirt, Stone, Clay, Etc

i use it for unstable A22 without any problems


Can farmland be zoned on this artificial grass?


No, Farmland can not be zoned on these tiles.


Do we know if the game will support placing actual dirt blocks in the future? Seems like a very integral feature for a game like this.

In the meantime, many thanks for this mod! :slight_smile:

Edit: will there be an A23 version of this???


It should still work on A23 (that’s why I left the thread’s title as “A20+”, to not have to update it every alpha).
Let me know if it doesn’t work.


@Relyss will you upload this to the workshop?


AFAIK @Kittyodoom added these colors to her mod(Building Colors v3.0 [A23+] & Clay Gen [A23+]), which is already in the Workshop.

I hope someday we get the terrain tool for the new builder :pray: