[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]


They are indeed! All of @Relyss’s are added per the original resources and names, tagged [Terrain]. Additionally, I added most of the biome mod terrains to my clay resource in it - I say most, because I haven’t checked the biomes on Steam for their colours yet to see if there’s any in there that are absent



I added this to my game again and was wondering if there was a list of which color goes with which in-game block. I’m having trouble matching the dirt colors to fill in some trenches I made. Thank you!


This particular mod is no longer needed, as the terrain colors are part of the base game now I think :thinking:

It’s kind of hard to see the colors since in build mode the background gets a bit darker, but after they’re built if you close the building menu they’ll match.

Look in the stone material:
If you hover over the last colors, it’ll say ‘Earth’ and ‘Earth edge’. Those are the colors for the dirt found below the grass on the temperate biome. Mind that the colors of the terrain change depending on the season and the biome, so they might not match. The colors of the desert are under the clay material.

You can also restore terrain with the geomancer, which should match the colors.