[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]


Indeed, filling holes is only one of the many applications for this mod. Personally I’m a huge fan of the grass colour transitions around cliff faces and such… but I can’t stand breaking the pattern when I want to add roads and so on.

Also, dark green slabs for building with? YES PLEASE! I’m actually very keen to try “capturing” a Black Cord crypt by building a wall around it (using /ib – I’m not worried about the hearthlings dying, but if the soldiers come to assist any wounded hearthlings then the crypt will be destroyed…); and then I can build a graveyard around that “inner sanctum” to create the ultimate necropolis!

Or, for those less interested in dark and twisted necromancies, those dark green blocks also work perfectly for the moss on bunny statues – many players have been using those in awesome shrines, and I’ve seen more than one up-scaled build; but I love that old and overgrown look…

And the potential uses for the ‘gold ore’ coloured stone slabs… Dwarven holds and statues, really fancy castles, the list goes on!

Honestly, more variety in the building palette can only be a good thing :smile:


is this mod ready for A19? Was hoping to start using it but could always just play the alpha18 stable version


Yes, it is. Haven’t checked if there is any loading issue with old saves, but it should work fine on A19.
(Make sure the mod is enabled on the Settings->Mods tab on the main menu before starting/loading a game).


I have been using it in Alpha 19, and have not had any issues with it.


I’m tryign to use this mod, but can’t seem to find a slab to match the stone colour. I’m on A19


The colors are ruled by the biome and each has a different set of colors. Temperate has 6 different stone colors, desert has 4.
So it depends on what biome you are using and at what elevation the stone is.


I’m on Temperate on the first layer of stone above grass, I’ve tried all the colors and can’t seem to find one that matches.


That one should be “Storm Dust”, made from wood.


That might explain it, I’ve only looked in stone, Thank you


Relyss, just asking, how about adding a few shades of black?
:kissing_heart: pretty please


Wouldn’t that just be… gray? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess there aren’t enough dark colors in the palette, but this mod is focused on the terrain colors :thinking:
If I decide to add extra colors, I’d probably need to change the name of the mod.

BTW, updated OP with A20 compatibility (fix for tooltips) and removed old download links.


@Relyss can you please just make it so we can build with stone/dirt/grass/clay …


No :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay how about a little bit cheating then.
Just add one black, Coal, as color.
You would not have to change the name because coal black is a terrain color :smiley:


All the ore veins colors are already added under the stone material. As you can see in the screenshot on the first post, the coal one (next to the gold) looks kind of greenish and the other darkest color (first one selected) is kind of reddish. I tried using them and they didn’t look like black :disappointed_relieved: Those are the actual colors used in-game for rendering the terrain.

From the table you posted I’d say black, ink and jet black are the most desaturated and darkest.


Off topic — Wow, half of those blacks in the image are all the same for me! (pure black)


Don’t worry. Probably only due to your monitor or its settings. Or your sunglasses? :sunglasses:


I can only just tell the difference if I zoom in when I’m on my phone, even on max brightness.


Im with you xD half are just Black without any difference xD


Totally the monitor. I tried seeing it on a different one and all look pretty much the same except for charcoal :sweat_smile:


You guys really need to go to an ophthalmologist