[Mod] Slabs with terrain colors [A20+]


Downloaded this yesterday and installed and it is not showing up afte the 3010 update. >.>


Are you sure you’re using the correct mod?
If you’re playing A16, use the A16 download, if you’re playing A17, use the A17 download.

I’ve done a quick check and it’s working fine for me on dev3010 =(


Yea i am on the latest version and redownloaded the A17 just incase and its still not showing up. It is in the right location (assuming it is still the mods folder) and still nothing in the building window. Unless it is conflicting with other mods i have installed?

I currently also have the following installed:
stonehearth cafe
poyocoop (which i think also doesnt work havent checked)


This looks like a step towards a project I had in mind…



@Ayla, I’ve downloaded all the mods you mention and the terrain colors mod from the A17 link on the OP, and it works fine for me (I’m on A17 dev3013 now) :

You should see these colors on the wood material:

Which Stonehearth version are you playing? Have you downloaded the correct mod version for it?
Have you unzipped the smod or just leave the smod file in the mods folder?

If you have a stonehearth.log of playing with the mod installed and not showing, I’d like to see it. I can’t figure out why it isn’t working for you :sweat:


yea i have the .smod unzipped and in the mods folder, i am on the latest branch on steam and download the 17 version of the mod XD my luck it wouldnt work.


thats the stonehearth.log i might try taking out all the mods other than this one and see


okay that is so strange. i have removed every other mod but that one and it still doesnt work. I am SURE i have the right download and its in the right location too.


looking at the first line of your .log, i beg to differ,

2016-06-17 22:31:12.501407 | server |  1 |app | Stonehearth Version (x64)

if you’re on latest it will say “” :stuck_out_tongue:

so… either switch to latest by following the instructions on this page Development – Stonehearth, or download the A16 version of the mod :slight_smile:


oh god you know why, the other day i reinstalled the game thinking it would fix the crash issue but then found out it was being fixed. didnt realize it reset from beta. well i feel stupid now >.>


:sweat_smile: well glad we figured it out in the end.
Tell us if you still have issues after updating the versions :slight_smile:


Hey there! thanks for the mod! just coming by task if theres a way to make every color available for every section (for ex. i mostly want to be able to make floors with the “wood plank” looking texture that the walls can have, but for some reason the floors cant, is this doable?


It might be doable, yes, but would require some more effort than this simple mod that just adds colors (the models need to be rotated and re-exported).

In theory right now (Alpha 17) all the colors appear for all the parts, and they include the colors used in the patterns. You could try to fake the pattern by dragging lines of floor with those colors. The tooltips help to discern them, Yang added tooltips for the patterns too so now we can pick single colors that appear on the patterns that we like:


I gotta say i never noticed that, thanks a lot for taking the time to explain this to me! :slight_smile:


heeeyyyy, brand new to the stone hearth community, what slab is the color of mountain dirt?:grin:


The dirt that you can see under the grass hills is made of “Clay Creek - Terrain” (for the light parts) and “Shadow - Terrain” (for the dark parts). They are under the wood material.


Hi there, just dropping by to say thanks so much @Relyss for keeping this mod up-to-date; I’ll sleep much more easily knowing that I can have proper, consistent edge detailing around all my landscaping projects… although I’m not sure my Hearthlings will thank you so much, they’re going to have some long night-shifts digging up perfectly good dirt to replace it with artificial dirt LOL!


@Relyss we need an uupdate asap :smiley:
poke poke poke poke


I will fix my mods for A18 over the weekend :slight_smile:


Updated OP with link to A18 version.
In A18, removing bulidings won’t leave holes in the ground, but anyway I’m happy to see so many people using this mod :smile:


Until it’s possible to actually add dirt and grass, this is still pretty useful.