[MOD] Silomod - A stone silo mega-container v2


Version 2 - Now includes wood rack

Use your mason to create a sturdy stone silo!
The silo is a mega container that stores 500 objects.
Perfect for farms!

Wood rack holds 200 objects

silomod.zip (28.1 KB)

Instructions: Rename silomod.zip to silomod.smod and put in your mods folder.

Challenge to the Modders and content creators
Mods that should be added to Stonehearth as Standards

Your problem is the version number in the manifest. It has to be at least 1.

The version number in the manifest is meant for version checking by the game. Currently, that version is set to 1. If it was changed to 2, all mods with a version of less than 2 would automatically fail to load. In theory at least, it makes using mods easier by disabling old mods automatically when a new version comes along. For now, make sure it is at least 1 :slight_smile:


thanks! for some reason I thought the version number was for my mod.
That fixed it!


I wonder if it is possible to limit the silo to only holding veggies?


could someone save this qbcl as a qb?

silo qbcl


Easy enough:

silo.qb (41.6 KB)

All yours :smiley:
Nice model btw


thank you!


just fixed the bounding boxes
"destination" : {
“region” : [
“min” : { “x” : -4, “y” : 0, “z” : -4 },
“max” : { “x” : 4, “y” : 6, “z” : 4 }
“region_collision_shape” : {
“region” : [
“min” : { “x” : -4, “y” : 0, “z” : -4 },
“max” : { “x” : 4, “y” : 6, “z” : 4 }


Cool idea!

Is there any way to make silos exclusive to food items? I haven’t looked at container code yet, but it would be great if you could make specific high-storage containers for different stuff. Silo for food, rack for weapons, vault for gold, etc.


Thats a great idea and i’m still looking into it!


Could someone please save this woodpile .qbcl as a qb?

woodpile.zip (6.2 KB)

I’m going to add a skyrim style woodpile.


Export it as a .qb? Here you go.

woodpile.qb (123.1 KB)

Ps: How are you liking Qubicle 2?


Navigation leaves a lot to be desired. I wish I could use sketchup or wings3d.
edit: i wish i could swap right click and alt, i want to right click to rotate, the quicktool is pointless.


what version of qubicle constructor are you using to make these files?. I have the stonehearth edition of qubicle 1.6 and it does not recognize your objects/projects. I know that I can open and save normal project files and I can export qb files aswell.


The trial of version 2


I believe the file format of qubicle 2 is different, which is a shame as so many people will have 1.6…
At least some of us have 2 though, so we can qb your files :smile:


Any Idea what this means?

Building the wood rack


This means your qb files are compressed. Which is an option you should turn off when exporting the model


Unfortunately I didn’t make the qb
is it a problem with the qb or a setting in the json?


Qubicle qb export setting. Try this one.

woodpile.qb (267.2 KB)