[MOD] Silomod - A stone silo mega-container v2


Shame on you @Feashrind :stuck_out_tongue:




next i’m going to work on making the silo better looking.
perhaps taller and skinnier.


Can i do render info on the iconic and change the scale to 0.005 or something?
will experiment…


I’m not sure if it’s been coded in yet, but if you have a look at ‘stonehearth/entities/loot/gold’, the model is split into the chest and the contents of the chest. The contents model is supposed to change to reflect how much gold is piled in that stack.

I don’t think it works yet, but if it does/if someone can shed light on how to set it up, it might make for a good fullness indicator for your wood piles!


i figured, why a round silo? its doesn’t really match the game’s aesthetic.
so here is a square silo with rounded edges.

here is a new q2 qbcl file.
would greatly appreciate a qb!
silo2.zip (13.6 KB)



Alpha 11 here, the wood rack seems to be bugged: placing my 400 wood in it would result in the rack taking it but never giving it back out. Stood hours figuring out why the workers won’t make houses and the carpenter not doing the beds I told him to do.

At least the silo is functional, but strangely my 200 wood vanished from the resources silo. The inventory of that silo doesn’t contain any wood, nor all the other silos/storage containers. The town overview however reported that I have all 200 wood in town. Looking anywhere I could, still no damn wood. This might be an error with the game, but this happened only when I started using silos.

It’s not only wood that’s dissapearing, but fine comfy chairs & tables and also diamond windows which I intended to use for le grand dining hall. Later, I noticed other objects won’t be placed, only to find there are nowhere to be found but in the town overview.

I honestly haven’t experienced this before while using stockpiles. :confused:


still works ^^ but there is no iconic for the woodrack ^^ looks funny when one hearthling moves this big stack xD

ok needs a little hand ^^ there are an aipack included which was already removed - so one little error but it works all fine xD

edit: nice little warm hand - accomplished xD silomod.zip (27.9 KB)


Just discovered this mod and I love the woodpile! Great work!


Would be cool to have this on PraiseDB - http://praisedb.x10.bz :christmas_tree:


I hate to be a bump on an old post, but I want you to know that I appreciate your mod. insert applause here


what happened I want more mod porfa if they can update the haganlo