[MOD] Project Pandora


Project Pandora

Project Pandora is a multi-chapter campaign modification for Stonehearth, loosely based on the Greek Myth of Pandora’s Box.

It gives players a refreshing new campaign, and can be considered challenging. These creatures are no push-over.

Dare you release the evil in to the world by opening the box?

Chapter One: The Lost Boys

Just download the .smod, and drop it in to your mods folder to activate.

It all begins with this guy:

AVH - Deceased - But who is he?


Hmmm… I know I’ve seen him in a post of yours before… I just don’t know where…


a ring, and a dead guy, hummm you got my interest already!



I am curious too! I am looking forward to test different mods and enrich the experience.

thumbs up


oh @Froggy … ever the consummate showman! swoons


Indeed! With the impending demise of Stonehearth CAFE, it’s time to focus my attention on something new… and original! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it bad that in the first picture, without the caption, I honestly couldn’t tell if he was dead or just making a


Other than that,
Looks interesting…


I’m currently rewriting the scenario because it was too morbid! Have ever tried to create a dead body that wasn’t too morbid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I might lighten the skin tone though. At least everyone else got it!!!


Nearly done! phew

- Things that go bump in the night!


You never cease to amaze us.

What are them called?


how did i miss this! it looks good so far! (can anything of yours not look good?)


Well, in the first chapter we have Vampire Brides, a Vampire Lord and Hell hounds to protect him :smile:


Actually, no. It is physically impossible for anything made by @Froggy to not look good. Its one of the lesser known universal constants.

(Seriously though, the Vampire Brides look pretty sweet)


And it’s up!

This is the first fully fleshed out campaign to compliment the existing campaigns. It’s pretty tough and you may just die horribly…

There are still one or two very minor things left to do, but nothing that will stop you playing, and hopefully enjoying the mod.

I’ve ran through it a few times without an issues, but if you find any bugs, please let me know.



before i play with it, just want to check that it is for A 11 right?


I always create and test on the latest branch, but there is nothing in it that should break with older versions. So, yes


Another epic project @Froggy you just keep on churning em out :smiley: I can’t wait to play chapter 1 over the weekend. I’ll give you my feedback then. Best of luck!


@Froggy Installed the mod and tried it in a few games but I’m having a few issues. :frowning:

In the two actual games I’ve tried the mod triggered but the dead hearthling did not appear. In one of the games I moved my town banner and firepit around. The second game I didn’t move them but I built a building about 10 voxels away from the banner.

However spawning in a new game and using the GM viewer to trigger the campaign worked perfectly (thought I didn’t wait the few days for the decoding of certain things) :wink:

I’ll maybe try testing it out some more tomorrow and see if I can come up with any additional information for you.

Edit: Could it possible have to do with the radius of spawning in the body?


It’s to do with the create camp mechanics. A camp needs to spawn on grass. If you have no grass within a radius of 10. It wont spawn.

Nothing I can do about it. Script encounters automatically progress to the next arc and donation encounter items cant have wait_for events assigned to them - so I’m forced to use create camp. It’s a limitation. Just make sure there is a small grass area available.


For now it’s awesome, the dead guys, the box and the book… Right now I’m waiting for the return of the translator… :open_mouth:

One detail, seems the icon for the box is semi transparent: